Growing your personal assets is only a means to an end.
How you use the wealth you created is what defines your legacy.
Implementation of a Trust & Estate Plan

Accumulating and preserving wealth throughout your lifetime is important as it gives you an opportunity to define your legacy. What you do with your wealth after you are gone is the critical step that has to be planned carefully. If a Trust & Estate Plan is not done correctly, it can be a source of division in your family, pitting family members against one another, or it could result in an unnecessary tax burden leaving less to your designated charities. You have worked hard to get to where you are; it makes sense to get the final piece right to ensure that your legacy gets carried out.

At arpadWEALTH we offer corporate administrative trustee services provided by the personal trust services division of a major investment company. Clients enjoy the collaborative relationship between our firm as the investment advisor and the trust officers that perform the fiduciary administrative duties for the trust.

Designating a professional trustee to be the executor or the co-executor of your estate provides several benefits for a reasonable and pre-agreed cost. You will not have to burden one of your family members to be the executor of a potentially complex estate, taking up his time and even igniting family rivalry. Family members in general do not have any experience in estate execution; costly law suits can be avoided by delegating the executorís responsibility to an armís-length third party such as a trust officer.

Fiduciary administrative services include:

  • Income and principal distributions
  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns
  • Monthly reporting

We are here not only to increase and preserve your wealth, but also to ensure that your legacy is planned AND implemented according to your values.

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