Growing your personal assets is only a means to an end.
How you use the wealth you created is what defines your legacy.

Wealth accumulation is a step by step process. Once you have wealth within your control, whether you built it up over the years, inherited it from a family member or simply won the lottery, preserving it will present its own challenges. At arpadWEALTH we specialize in clients who are on their way to building up their asset base, or have reached the level where it is time to preserve, protect and draw on the wealth created.

Cash Flow Plan

Wealth accumulation and preservation starts with articulating your goals and motivations. Once your specific circumstances are incorporated into the data set, such as your age, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, tax situation, and liquidity needs, a detailed Cash Flow Plan is created to quantify your monthly cash needs. If you are still in the income generating phase of your life, the Cash Flow Plan will identify the amount available to build your wealth over time. If you reached the stage of your life where it is time to draw on your assets to support your life style, the plan will indicate the amount you require on a regular basis.

Retirement Projection

One of the questions we hear most often from new clients is whether or not their accumulated wealth will last through their retirement, and if so, how much is left to their estate. The client information collected when generating the Cash Flow Plan is also used in the Retirement Projection to answer that question. Armed with the monthly figure available for investment purposes or required by you to support your lifestyle, we provide a comprehensive retirement projection. This plan is complete with a sensitivity analysis to account for changes in our assumptions.

Optimal Investment Vehicles

Minimizing your income tax when it comes to your investments is always one of our objectives. Your personal circumstances will dictate the vehicles that will make your investments the most tax efficient now and in the future. We stay away from complex investment products that are sold on the basis of offering tax benefits; in general they are high risk and historically have proven to provide inferior investment returns. For individuals the mainstream options are RRSP, LIRA (Locked In Retirement Account), TFSA and tax efficient non-registered investments. Taking into account your personal circumstances and current and future income needs, we provide the optimal allocation amongst the available investment vehicles to minimize your income tax liability through the life of your plan.

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