Growing your personal assets is only a means to an end.
How you use the wealth you created is what defines your legacy.
Preserving Your Estate

Our aim is to preserve your estate according to your wishes for generations to come. Studies show that 60% of new wealth is lost by the second generation and 90% is gone by the third. Even a well-executed estate plan can cause major fault lines within the family structure. At arpadWEALTH we help you overcome these odds.

Legacy Planning

To define and preserve your legacy so it passes to people and causes you care about the most, we direct you and your family through a thoughtful and structured planning process that helps you articulate the principles that have defined your family’s culture, shaped your life, and created your wealth. This process recognizes that while money is important, it is only one of the resources that support and perpetuate your family’s legacy.

Investment Strategy

Based on these insights, we create an investment plan that adheres to a sound and timeless investment philosophy and promotes your personal and financial goals.

Portfolios with highly concentrated stock positions or high risk strategies such as labour sponsored investment funds (a form of venture capital investment) at their core almost always underperform simple market benchmarks or well selected managed portfolios. These types of portfolios also introduce such negative elements as illiquidity, lack of transparency, high costs, excessive leverage and unnecessary complexity, all of which your heirs and your chosen charities are forced to struggled with in the event of your departure. In addition, portfolios concentrated in low-risk fixed income securities such as bonds or GICs are unlikely to provide meaningful real growth (net of inflation) for future beneficiaries.

At arpadWEALTH, your portfolio will be broadly diversified through global markets using index funds or select portfolio managers of major financial institutions. In addition, we use the proven concept of portfolio asset allocation and rebalancing to remove destructive investor behaviour from the investment process, and leave your heirs or selected charities with a fully transparent, manageable and timeless portfolio.


The best guarantee of securing future prosperity is your family’s dedicated adherence to a sound investment process.

We work with you, your heirs, and your designated charities to ensure that everyone is fully informed and aware of the agreed-upon investment goals and strategies. Through financial education, you can be certain that your family is equipped to handle your wealth and preserve your legacy in your absence. This process informs and counsels you and your family, and develops in all of you the commitment to an investment process that transcends the vagaries of any era.

Combining the optimal strategy with the right execution, we stand as committed fiduciaries who will manage your estate with strict adherence to a prudent and diversified investment philosophy.

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